Long Drive Sponsor

Long Drive Sponsor

Exposure Opportunities

PRE – TOURNAMENT PUBLICITY: Official tournament name becomes the focal point of all pre-tournament publicity material (Long Drive Contest Sponsor may incorporate NGA/HOOTERS TOUR materials in all advertising campaigns).

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: This is an excellent avenue for entertaining prospective or current clients and a wonderful opportunity to showcase your company.
  • Long Drive Contest Sponsors name and logo will be designated as the official “$500 Long Drive Contest Sponsor” of the tournament.  This will be printed on all PR materials (signs, banners, etc.). This will also appear on television commercials for three weeks (two weeks prior to the tournament and the week of).
  • Long Drive Contest  Sponsors name and logo will appear on one banner strategically placed for maximum exposure.
  • Long Drive Contest  Sponsor may provide promotional materials to be added in the goody-bags that are distributed to every Pro-Am Player. (Estimated 250 players)
  • Long Drive Contest Sponsor may set up a tent or a display table to promote the company during the event.


The NGA/HOOTERS TOUR normally receives print media through USA Today, Golf Week, Golf World, as well as AP Wire Service, which carries tournament results nationwide. Information is also available on leading World Wide Web sites like IGOLF, Golf Week, Golf World, Golf Web and our own web site www.ngahooterstour.com.


 Long Drive Contest Sponsor will receive community recognition where proceeds benefit a local charity.


 Long Drive Contest Sponsor also receives:
  • Four (4) invitations to play in the Pro-Am Tournament (1 Team)
  • One (1) invitation per player to Pro-Am Pairings Social Event (Not available in all markets)
  • One (1) invitation per player to Pro-Am cookout and Awards Ceremony

 As a special thank you for your corporate support of The NGA Hooters Professional Golf Tour your firm will receive:
  • Four (4) NGA/HOOTERS TOUR golf hats
  • Four (4) NGA/HOOTERS TOUR shirts
  • One (1)  Golf Jacket
  • One (1) loaded goody bag PER player
Merchandise packages are subject to change